New/Old Pictures from Bel Ami set in Hungary (April, 2010)

I was lucky enough to visit the Bel Ami set in Hungary and see Rob while he was working. After 6 months I decided to share with you and of course we took some pictures too ;-)

1st of April. Yeah April Fool's Day, so I decided that I will stand hours in the crowd of teenagers (average age 12-18), I felt a little bit crazy with my 21 years. But I was curious, is he really sparklin’? Just kidding, of course he isn’t, but I have to say this guy looks much more better than I ever imagined. He is friendly, I got to know a few girls at my age, we were really supporting each other and we were just waiting and waiting…At last about 20 girls stayed there and Rob stepped out the door, the distance between us was just a few feets, he was smiling, waved to us and he said : „Oh tough girls, you deserve a statue. Thank you”

I saw him a few times while he stayed in Hungary aaaaand we got little secrets about him ;-) These days were my most memorable days. Not just because of Rob and his sweet personality. I got to know there a lot of nice people. So, I can just say, 'Rob! Thank you for my best friends!'

With Love from Hungary,Budapest


You can see here our fanmade pictures :


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